Organisational Development

Goldfish leave their environment when conditions are not ideal in an attempt to save themselves – are people any different?

Developing People, changing your organisation….

Organisational Development, Organisational Psychology and Change Management are approaches involving people within an organisation. While there are differences in these approaches, the critical aspect is how individual employees can make a difference to the performance and improvement of the organisation that they are in. An organisation’s goals can only be realised if their people are aligned and have the skills necessary to execute the organisation’s strategy.

The importance of the human aspect in successful planning and implementation of change cannot be underestimated. It can make the difference between success and failure and how long it takes to transform a struggling organisation be it, a public sector, private sector, charity or social organisation.

Organisational development is a system-wide approach that brings together behavioural science, a knowledge of what motivates and drives human behaviour with an understanding of organisational structures, systems, processes, and relationships to assist and enable the planning, execution and tracking of development, improvement strategies and change programmes that lead to improved organisational effectiveness.

Organisational development also considers the impact of the external environment, legislation, culture and social norms, human development as well as new emerging norms that may stem from divergent thinking or radical socio-economic changes e.g. consider the impact of Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

We take on a number of organisation projects and can assist in organisation-wide change programmes or development work within certain areas of an organisation.

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