Client Services

Individual, Relationships & Sex Therapy

Unsure which way to turn? We offer a range of professional counselling and psychotherapy services to support individuals dealing with personal issues and challenges; couples or families struggling with their relationships; or individuals, couples and people in multiple relationships who may be struggling with sexual issues.

Individual Therapy

Counselling is a process that psychologically empowers individuals to seize back control of their lives, whilst working through issues and problems that have caused them to lose self-esteem, as well as confidence in their own abilities. Counselling increases self-awareness and a sense of well-being, and is often the first step individuals take on their path to discovering a more positive life.

Couples Therapy

For individuals, couples and people in multiple relationships, we work with a wide range of situations, life styles and difficulties – from communication problems to dealing with affairs, frequent arguments, blaming, conflict, feelings of isolation, lack of intimacy to ending a relationship. Relationship issues and issues pertaining to sex require different therapeutic approaches. We will advise and assist accordingly.

Sex Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy or Sex Therapy is a non-judgmental talking therapy that draws upon neuroscience and employs a biopsychosocial model to help people deal with sexual abuse, compulsive sexual behaviours (porn addiction, sex addiction) as well as sexual difficulties such as low or no sexual desire or interest, delayed or rapid ejaculation, unreliable erections, vaginismus, dyspareunia or lack of orgasm.

Kenny has been instrumental in engaging my brain and helping me understand that I have a lot more to live for. He has given me the confidence to be able to move forward with my life.

NHS Patient

I have been working with Kenny and he is lovely and has been a great help to me. I feel like we have reached a positive conclusion.

Bright Light Client

What would you like to change?

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