Counselling or Psychotherapy is a process that psychologically empowers individuals to seize back control of their lives, whilst working through issues and problems that have caused them to lose self-esteem, as well as confidence in their own abilities. Counselling increases self-awareness and a sense of well-being, and is often the first step individuals take on their path to discovering a more positive life. Counselling also supports couples dealing with Relationship issues. Sometimes we simply cannot see the wood for the tree and we need a little guidance. Take time for you.

Psychosexual Therapy or Sex Therapy

Support for individuals and couples. Problems with sex, or sexual difficulties are not uncommon and refer to a wide range of issues that may happen at any point before, during or after sex. The sexual response cycle has four distinct states: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. If your body doesn’t respond during one or more of these states, it can be a sign that there may be a problem. Problems may also include Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, sometimes known as hypersexuality or sexual addiction. All of these problems can be treated and lead towards a more fulfilling and happier life.

Couples Therapy or Relationship Counselling

It doesn’t matter if you are married, living together, on your own, LGBTQIA+, monogamous, polyamorous or anything in between – we’re here to help you strengthen or create new relationships. Relationship counselling provides an opportunity to explore difficulties or feelings of insecurity emptiness, loneliness or anger in a relationship whether it is well established or at the beginning of a new relationship. We aim to help you achieve a better understanding of your relationship or the type of relationship you want as well as the outcome you both wish to achieve, whether it is to stay together, separate or divorce. An initial exploratory meeting might be a good way to start.

Inclusive, Non-Judgemental Therapy Practice

We are inclusive and work with all gender and sexual identities / orientations: Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, or Asexual (LGBTQIA) and Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD) across all Cultural Groups. We work with clients that have preferences for any consensual erotic, sexual, or sensual practices including BDSM, kink or fetish.

Associate Counsellors

Yew Tree Counselling works with a number of independent Therapists and Counsellors who offer a range of therapeutic approaches. Our Associate Counsellors carry their own professional liability insurance and are members of professional organisations such as BACP or other relevant professional bodies. If you work with one of our Associates in our office, you will contract to their Terms & Conditions independently of Yew Tree Counselling.

Would you like to be a Yew Tree Counselling Associate? Get in touch to find out more.

Our Counsellors, Our Ethics

All our Counsellors adhere to the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) code of ethics for Professional Counsellors. Our Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists adhere to COSRT’s (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists) code of ethics, or similar. The codes of ethics referred to can be found in more detail on the website of each organisation: http://www.bacp.co.uk and http://www.cosrt.org.uk.

Please contact us in the strictest confidence.

Why the Yew Tree?

The Yew Tree is an ancient tree of the world and has come to symbolise rebirth, change and regeneration after difficult times, and protection.

The name of our practice was influenced by the Fortingall Yew Tree, an ancient European yew located in the churchyard of the village of Fortingall in Perthshire, Scotland. It is considered to be over 5000 years old, older than most religions and witness to the major developments of mankind from the stone age to the present day.

Unlike many plants which have male and female parts, the ancient Yew is usually one sex or the other. The Fortingall Yew Tree has recently been found to change its sex. It has been male for nearly 5,000 years and is now sprouting red berries. The berries are female.

Like the Yew Tree, we have the ability to endure, overcome, change and develop at any stage in our life. We can change and be who we want to be.


We work in accordance with the  BACP Ethical Framework. This framework sets out:
  • Our commitment to clients and how we work to a professional standard and build an ethical relationship
  • Ethics includes the values, principles and personal moral qualities that inform our work and underpin supervision we adhere to
  • Good practice which includes the professional standards that we adhere to.

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