New Outreach Service for Glasgow Southside

Yew Tree Counselling is delighted to be chosen to provide an outreach service for Counselling Services Glasgow, which are quality assured by the Relationships Scotland Network.  Counselling Services Glasgow is an independent charity and member of the Relationships Scotland Network. They provide support for individuals, partners and families who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Continue reading “New Outreach Service for Glasgow Southside”

Low Cost Community Counselling Service

Yew Tree Counselling is delighted to announce that it is now providing a Low Cost Community Counselling Service for our local community. This is a donation based service that is aimed at bringing counselling services to those with a lower income. This service is provided by counsellors who are in supervised training as part of theirContinue reading “Low Cost Community Counselling Service”

Preparing for Couples Therapy

Sadly, the breakdown of a relationship is still very much prevalent in today’s society. According to a social study carried out by the University College London (UCL) in 2021, over one in five people (22%) said they experienced a complete breakdown of a relationship either within their family, with friends, colleagues, or neighbours because ofContinue reading “Preparing for Couples Therapy”

There is no Shame in Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are conditions that affect our cognitive and emotional processes i.e. our thoughts, emotions and, behaviours. Mental health problems are as common as physical health problems. In fact, all of us are likely to suffer with a mental health condition at some point of our life e.g. stress or anxiety. And, its OK. AccordingContinue reading “There is no Shame in Mental Illness”